The Somerset Guardian, 14th October 2020

Recently, I received an e-mail from Elly De Decker, England Director for the National Lottery Community Fund, as regards World Mental Health Day, which took place on Saturday 10th October.

In her message, Ms De Decker outlined the difference that the funding from The National Lottery Community Fund has made to supporting people in North East Somerset as well as the general work that it carries out nationally.

The National Lottery Community Fund is the largest community funder in the United Kingdom with mental health being one main area of funding.


Over the past five years, £39,0941 has been given to voluntary and community groups in North East Somerset supporting six mental health related projects. Across England, the Fund has awarded circa £800m through more than 65,000 awards that feature a mental health element.

By enabling communities to take the lead, individuals and groups are better equipped to support those affected by mental health issues, which is why this financial assistance from the National Lottery Community Fund is – and continues to be – so important. National programmes such HeadStart, a £58.7million scheme, also aim to improve the mental health of young people aged ten to sixteen. The programme recently received an additional £8.7 million facilitating the work of communities as the country recovers from Coronavirus.

Now, more than ever, there needs to be a focus on people’s mental health just as much as their physical wellbeing, especially as the pandemic rolls on and restrictions tighten once more. I am delighted that there is extra help from organisations such as the National Lottery Community Fund in place on top of what the Government is already providing.

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