The Somerset Guardian, 3rd March 2021

This week, the Government announced that well over twenty million adults in the United Kingdom have been vaccinated against Covid-19. This accounts for around a third of the total population and the Health Secretary has pledged that all those eligible for the inoculation should have received their first one by the end of July 2021.

This incredible achievement could not have happened without the tireless effort of NHS professionals, scores of volunteers who have kindly trained to administer the vaccinations and those overseeing the logistics at the larger centres. The statistics, which are leagues ahead of European Union member states, have also been bolstered by the uptake of the vaccine, with Her Majesty The Queen even broadcasting a message encouraging people to take the opportunity of being immunised.

The Government’s programme, when announced, was certainly ambitious and there were critics and naysayers doubting whether the milestone of fifteen million could be achieved by mid-February. However, Boris Johnson has shown that, once again, his Government has not only delivered on its promises but that they have been surpassed.  Even one dose has been shown to be effective in preventing serious illness and hospital admissions, also justifying the Premier’s decision to extend time between jabs and ensuring that as many people receive the vaccine as soon as possible.

The retreat of the virus means that the Government’s timetable to lift lockdown is on track. Soon, people will be united with family and friends once more and life should start to resemble something a little more similar to pre-Covid times.

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