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The Somerset Guardian, 13th July 2022

Last week, Boris Johnson was forced to resign as Leader of the Conservative Party in spite of winning a resounding majority in 2019 and delivering Brexit.
I am still receiving many e-mails from the public saying that they voted for Boris and are angry and disheartened that he was made to stand down.

I, too, am deeply disappointed about the Prime Minister’s impending departure and was hopeful  that he would lead this country for many years.


He is still an exceptional Leader, showing that in the face of Cabinet mutiny he is still prepared to carry on with the job that he was elected to do.

However, in light of Boris’ resignation the Conservative Party finds itself back in the throes of a leadership contest, which we must get right to ensure that key policies are delivered to voters and so that Boris Johnson’s efforts were not in vain.

In my opinion, the only person to replace Boris is Liz Truss.  Her record in Government is exemplary, she has consistently argued for low tax policies, contrary to the ideas of Rishi Sunak and she is now as strong a Brexiteer as any Conservative Member of Parliament (MP).

As Foreign Secretary, Liz has been successful in her dealings with foreign dignitaries. She never shied away from applying sanctions against Russia and has spoken out against the watering down of Brexit. The return of Nazanin Zahawi-Ratcliffe, something that demonstrated a high level of statecraft and diplomacy, undoubtedly qualifies Liz as a leader.

As a true Conservative, Liz has the ability to unite the Party and the Nation. She is someone who puts this country first and will guarantee that Brexit continues in the way it was voted for by the people, thus carrying on Boris’ legacy. She has my support and I hope that Conservative Party MPs and members are able to see the potential that this country would, therefore, have under her stewardship.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance:

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