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The Somerset Guardian, 20th April 2022

This week, the Home Secretary wrote to all Members of Parliament (MPs) to outline the Government’s partnership with Rwanda to help fix the current global asylum system and tackle the scourge of criminal gangs facilitating illegal Channel crossings.  
The partnership is at the heart of a wider package of measures to tackle illegal migration, which if successful will enable the United Kingdom (UK) to welcome even more refugees. Circa 80 million people are currently in transit driven from their homes by conflict and instability or because they are seeking better prospects. The result is the collapse of global asylum systems.

The UK has a proud history of supporting refugees. Since 2015 we have offered a place to over 185,000 men, women and children seeking refuge. This includes almost 100,000 British Nationals Overseas threatened by draconian security laws in Hong Kong, 20,000 through our Syrian scheme, 13,000 from Afghanistan and to whom we owe debts of honour and around 50,000 Ukrainians.

Under this partnership, people who enter the UK illegally may have their asylum claim considered in Rwanda rather than in the UK, with a view to receiving the protection they need in Rwanda if their claim is granted. They will be supported to build a safe and prosperous new life, supported for five years with integration support, accommodation and healthcare. Rwanda has one of the fastest-growing economies and enterprise cultures with growing trade links with the UK, which this scheme will complement in line with our Global Britain agenda.

As part of the agreement, the UK is making a substantial investment in the economic development of Rwanda over five years, with an initial upfront payment of £120million and continuing financial support for each person who is transferred to Rwanda under this partnership.

The Government will continue to offer safe and legal routes to the UK for refugees from across the world but needs new, innovative solutions and partnerships to put a stop to people trafficking and set a new international standard.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance:

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