The Somerset Guardian, 17th March 2021

Recently, the Department for Education announced the establishment of its Turing Scheme, which replaces the United Kingdom’s (UK) participation in the European Union’s (EU) Erasmus programme and will be backed by £110million of Government funding in 2021/22.

Schools, colleges and universities in North East Somerset are being urged to apply for the scheme, which will offer young people the chance to study and work around the world. Applications for funding are being accepted now and will provide for 35,000 global exchanges from September 2021, a similar figure to the previous Erasmus programme.

The new initiative demonstrates the Government’s commitment to deliver a ‘Global Britain’ in light of our departure from the European Union, giving every country in the world the opportunity to collaborate with the UK’s well-respected and highly regarded educational institutions. Any organisation applying will be supported with the administrative costs.

I am delighted to report that the Turing Scheme aims to target those from disadvantaged backgrounds and areas, providing up to a maximum of £490 per month for each student thus enabling a more level playing field and agree with the Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, who said: “The programme’s focus on social mobility and value for money will open up more opportunities for international education and travel to all of our students, especially for those from disadvantaged backgrounds who were less likely to benefit from the previous EU scheme.”

More details about the application process, including eligibility and funding levels, can be found on the Turing Scheme website: www.turing-scheme.org.uk.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance: jacob.reesmogg.mp@parliament.uk.