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The Somerset Guardian, 12th October 2022

Last week, I met Clarke Osbourne, Chairman of Truespeed, who kindly invited me to come and watch what the engineers do and discuss how the company is run.

Truespeed was established in 2014 after realising that there was demand in the area for better, more reliable broadband than the leading suppliers could offer the South West. The first rollout was in Priston in 2015 and since then over 200 communities ranging from Glastonbury to Keynsham have benefited from the service. There are 180 employees supported by a team of highly skilled subcontractors and the head office is now situated in Bath.

The time spent with Mr. Osbourne and the Truespeed engineers was fascinating. First, I was taken to a site where the company was laying cables and then, following this, I was shown a box on the side of the road that the company had installed containing hundreds of cables, which the engineer then spliced. I had a long discussion with senior representatives about the technology and was deeply impressed by their knowledge and dedication not only to the business but also to providing excellent broadband for local communities.

Being connected is vital these days. Truespeed has not only increased the scope for communication but it has given companies the chance to perform on a more equal playing field, which was not previously available. I understand that Truespeed continues to invest millions in its network with the aim to reach a further 500,000 homes and businesses by 2026. This really is a success story and something that the South West should be proud of and thankful for.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance:

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