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The Somerset Guardian, 20th March 2024

Illegal immigration is a significant issue, which is costing the country huge sums of money. The Government has to get control of this problem, which is why I voted in favour of the Government’s Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill and the unsuccessful amendments that would have strengthened it.
Immigration is a sensitive and complicated issue that often causes contention and debate.  As a nation, we have always been generous towards immigrants and asylum seekers. However, the current levels of illegal migration are far too high – causing excessive loss of life in the Channel - and this has been going on for much too long. Those who think that coming on the boats or through other illicit routes to make a new life in the United Kingdom need to understand that this is no longer an option. Traffickers also need to be stopped.

Unfortunately, the House of Lords voted in favour of delaying this legislation thus causing more problems for the Government. As the Bill was passed by the Commons and given the seriousness of this situation, the Lords should have offered its support to ensure that the Prime Minister’s valiant commitment to tackling illegal immigration is not undermined.

I still hope that planes will take off for Rwanda before the next election. However, I am confident that the ‘lefty’ lawyers will continue to fight this policy with their all, denying the will of the Commons and I imagine, much of the electorate. What is certain is that under a Labour government the problem would be far worse.  

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