The Somerset Guardian, 25th March 2020

Following the Prime Minister's statement last Monday asking people to work from home and observe social distancing, the situation relating to Covid-19 has taken a far more serious turn.

In one day, the death toll has increased by eighty-seven cases totalling 422 deaths. Many people remain critically ill and despite the fact that the virus is supposedly only detrimental to the elderly and those with underlying health issues the young are not immune. Unfortunately, an eighteen year-old recently died of the illness.

The Prime Minister, in response, has been forced to implement stringent measures to maximise public safety and ease the immense strain on the NHS, which remains overburdened in spite of the virus having not yet peaked. These extremely sensible - and necessary - directives, including closing all restaurants, pubs, clubs and theatres, banning social gatherings of more than two people and telling people not to go out unless they cannot work from home or it is for essential food, medicine, solitary exercise or to help someone vulnerable, are vital to stymying the pandemic.


Now, more than ever, the public must take heed of the Government's words. It is important, during these challenging times, to acknowledge how our behaviour affects others. A lockdown, if administered properly, will help to rid our communities of the Coronavirus much faster than if people were allowed to conduct their lives in the ways that they are accustomed. A responsible shift in behaviour for a relatively short amount of time will save lives and help the NHS.

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