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The Somerset Guardian, 25th October 2023

In the many visits I have done to schools I have rarely been to one where the pupils were clearly enjoying themselves so much. As I strongly believe that happy children will learn more it was an absolute delight to visit Shoscombe Church School.

Shoscombe is a small school tucked away in the village; it was founded in 1866 and is situated in beautiful, peaceful surroundings. The students range from four to eleven and come from Shoscombe and neighbouring villages. There are four classes and all the pupils I met were excited to be learning.

The school has wonderful, rural grounds with adventure play equipment, a sports pitch, a ‘Quiet or Performance Garden’ and an extensive forest school area where all the children take part in regular forest school sessions, learning about nature and developing useful, practical outdoors skills. The school also has chickens that live in the forest school area and provide eggs for the pupils’ class cookery classes.

Whilst I was there, I attended the assembly and addressed the pupils and staff, explaining the role of a Member of Parliament and what I do for the constituency both locally and in Westminster.

I was extremely impressed by the Year 6 class who have recently been focusing on and learning about green issues. They wrote to me about this previously and it had prompted my visit. Their questions were well informed and thoughtful while they politely listened to my answers.

I was also escorted around the school by some of the younger children who are responsible for encouraging recycling. They were eagle eyed in spotting rubbish in the wrong bins and fierce in their demands. One teacher was told quite clearly that her class would have to do better. Oak class was the best at recycling which its teacher, with self-deprecating charm, put down to her “bossiness”.

It was a joy to meet the children who were friendly, happy and enthusiastic and who are clearly flourishing in this nurturing, school run by dedicated, caring staff.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance:

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