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The Somerset Guardian, 24th April 2024

After the previous row with the Supreme Court and the protracted wrangling with the Lords, Rishi Sunak had an important success this week when the Rwanda Bill was passed. The Prime Minister warned Members of Parliament that they would vote all night until the Bill achieved clearance and just after midnight the deed was done.

The small boats issue is not just a political one, it is an ethical one too. Just hours after the Prime Minister’s plan was signed off another five people - including a child – died in the Channel. These were individuals being trafficked by those not intent upon securing a better life for them but who callously took hard saved money from desperate people knowing that their illegal activities could end in multiple loss of life.

France, it could be argued, has also been complicit by turning a blind eye and allowing a constant stream of migrants to cross dangerous waters instead of apprehending them and making provisions to send them back to their countries of origin.

Labour has said that if it is elected at the next General Election it will reverse this legislation, citing it as costly and unworkable. However, its proposals to deal with the small boat epidemic, should it continue after the first flights have taken off in July, are, in effect, the same as this Government has already been doing to date to stymy the situation. They do not go far enough to act as a deterrent hence why the Prime Minister was forced to take this seemingly radical action.

As I have written before, this country has always had a generous immigration policy but this cannot and should not be at the expense of itself. I am pleased, should there be no further hitches, legal challenges or implementation issues, that there is a resolution at long last to this tragic conundrum.

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