The Somerset Guardian, 10th July 2019

The ignominious failure of Theresa May to deliver Brexit was apparently only meant in the ‘abstract’ but has corroded trust in politicians, especially in the Conservative Party. A symptom of this is the surge in support for the Brexit Party, which triumphed in the European elections and now leads in the opinion polls. This leaves a formidable task for Mrs. May's successor to restore trust and to rebuild the fortunes of the Tories.

Boris is the one person who can do this. He has devoted his distinguished career to making the case against Brussels. As a young journalist he exposed its folly, vanity and hunger for power. It was Boris's campaigning skills that tipped the scales in the referendum and took the Leave argument from one that would have been an honourable runner-up to victory.

Most nobly, Boris resigned as Foreign Secretary because he could not accept the "Chequers proposals", which would have made the United Kingdom a vassal state compelled to pay tribute to its European overlords and to follow their rules.

Boris will have one hundred days to lead us out of the EU. He will offer citizens' rights unilaterally because the UK is not the type of nation that applies retrospective laws to people who live here legally but he knows and has stated that the Withdrawal Agreement is defunct.

If we leave the EU by October 31st there will be something to trust in once more. I hope we will be able to welcome back Ann Widdecombe and more importantly (as far as I am concerned) my brilliant sister, Annunziata, for by then we shall have moved back towards them rather than them to us.

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