The Somerset Guardian, 13th May 2020

On Sunday, the Prime Minister addressed the nation to thank it for the great effort that it continues to make during the Coronavirus pandemic but he also took the opportunity to unveil a 'conditional plan to reopen society'.

During his speech, the Premier outlined the tweaks that would be made to existing lockdown measures but also introduced the notion of a one to five Covid Alert Scale that would measure the risk and impact of the disease at any given time, thus governing how quickly restrictions could be lifted subject to medical and scientific advice.  As he rightly said: "This is not the time simply to end the lockdown this week. Instead we are taking the first careful steps to modify our measures."

According to Boris Johnson, we are currently on the lower end of level four and as death and transmission rates decline, by observing the rules, taking every precaution and staying alert, so our liberties can be reinstated. In an alteration to the current conditions, once a day exercise has been changed to limitless amounts, people from the same household are permitted to drive to a destination not local to them and sunbathing is allowed as long as people stay at least six feet apart.

More comprehensive guidance, published on Monday, explained in greater detail the 'roadmap' designed to get children back to school, people back to work and reignite the economy. However, we must remind ourselves that even though we have made progress over the past seven weeks the next ones remain pivotal.  As the weather improves it is tempting to try to return to our pre-Covid normal. Yet, we must continue working together, taking the utmost care not to reverse all the hard work and sacrifice made by the majority, many of whom have lost and continue to lose those they love to this virus.

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