The Somerset Guardian, 13th March 2019

This week, the Commons now faces two major votes on Brexit. Although the Prime Minister has stated that, just seventeen days before the United Kingdom officially leaves the European Union, her deal is final and non-negotiable it has now been defeated twice. Votes on ruling out no deal and on delay will be now be tabled. 


Negotiations have not been easy since any steps taken have been undermined by those who never accepted the result of the referendum. On the other hand, the Government has not helped itself with its Withdrawal Agreement, which has proved to be a rotten accord. It condemns the United Kingdom to at least twenty-one months of vassalage at a cost of £39 billion and although fewer areas of British life would be affected than is currently the case, in several important departments there would be even less control than there is now.


Leaving without an agreement is nothing to be frightened about. The Chancellor ought to welcome it and use the £39 billion, which would otherwise be wasted in Europe. It could be spent on projects that would help the country and taxpayers could keep more of their own money which they would, on the whole, spend more wisely than the Government spends it for them. EU taxes that hit the least well-off most should go as could tariffs on goods not produced in this country. Perhaps taxpayers may even want some of their money spent on more police to help reduce knife crime. 


However, if the Government still hankers after a deal the simple answer is to insert an end date into the backstop which most people would accept. Alternatively, there is the Malthouse B proposal to allow for a standstill so that full preparations for trading on WTO terms could be made. Whatever happens the referendum must be respected and the UK must leave the EU.

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