The Somerset Guardian, 29th April 2020

This week, the Prime Minister returned to work at Downing Street, following his time in hospital because of the Coronavirus.

Resuming his duties, Boris Johnson made a speech on Monday morning in which he stated that even though we were beginning to "turn the tide" on Covid-19 the United Kingdom (UK) was in the "moment of maximum risk" and should continue to observe the strict guidelines issued by the Government based on advice from senior medical and scientific experts.

The Prime Minister is correct to say that if we continue to stay at home, only travelling for essential reasons, we can stymy the spread of the virus which still poses a threat. The statistics of death and infection rate this week suggest that the peak is over and that the lockdown is paying off. It would, therefore, be a great shame if the current conditions were widely flouted, causing a second wave of Corona and undermining the enormous effort and sacrifice made by so many during the last several weeks. Fortunately, this country has consented to these restrictions which has made the response more effective.

The return of the Prime Minister is certainly a boon for the country. His positivity and confidence about moving forward into the next phase, getting children back to school, people back to work, businesses up and running and the economy restarted, have restored a level of public optimism. However, even though he acknowledged people's understandable "impatience" during his address, he stressed that once the Government's "five tests" had been met only then would restrictions gradually ease "one-by-one to fire up the engines of this vast UK economy".

I am delighted that Boris Johnson has returned to work so that he can steer the UK through one of the most challenging times in modern history and if we continue to work together, as he implores, we will soon be able to resume a semblance of normality, something that everyone will welcome.  

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