The Somerset Guardian, 11th November 2020

Last week, a Labour M.P. raised with me at Business Questions the needs of pensioners who are not in receipt of benefits to which they are entitled.  The Department for Work and Pensions (D.W.P.) recently released figures, which fits in with this, on how many people are in receipt of income-related benefits, including Pension Credit.

According to D.W.P. statistics, circa 24% of those of eligible are not claiming Pension or Savings Credit and could be missing out on thousands of pounds a year. It is important people receive the amount they are entitled to, especially during the winter.

Pension Credit is an income-related benefit made up of two parts: Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit. Guarantee Credit adds to weekly income if the sum is under £173.75 (for single people) or £265.20 (for couples). Those who have savings, a pension or their own home could also be entitled to financial assistance. Savings Credit is an extra payment for people who have saved towards their retirement.  Those who receive Pension Credit do not pay tax on it.

If you know of anyone of pension age who may be experiencing financial difficulties or if you think that you fall into either category you can obtain more information from the following website: You could also contact my office, the Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Bath and North East Somerset Council if you need any help. It is important to note that you must be a resident of England, Scotland or Wales and have reached state pension age when applying.

Even though there has been an increase in people claiming Pension or Savings Credit there is still £1.8billion that has gone unclaimed. These funds are there to support the most vulnerable and should be applied for by anyone who qualifies.  In these difficult times no-one wants the available help to be ignored.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance: