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The Somerset Guardian, 10th April 2024

Many of us have received polling cards in recent days for the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Election in North East Somerset. Whilst these out of season elections sometimes do not attract the attention they deserve; this one really matters.

Mark Shelford has been doing an excellent job as our current Police and Crime Commissioner and the Conservative Candidate, ensuring Avon and Somerset Police spend money on things you might want. He does not interfere with individual cases as that is not his role; he has responsibility for justice as well as for policing.  He insists upon the proper policing of rural crime - of crime that affects us in North East Somerset; and ensures that the money is not all spent on Bristol (where it is spent in a way that is more suitable for an urban, rather than a rural, environment).

You can find more information about Mr. Shelford, his work and his achievements on his website: This includes 1500 newly trained officers, delivering an extra 500 police into Neighbourhoods and CID; a dedicated rural crime team and force-wide training helping to combat machinery theft, hare-coursing, illegal encampments and stopping raves before they happen; cracking down on illegal drugs; combatting violence against women and girls; and reducing reoffending by launching the award winning Prisoners Building Homes programme.

If you are worried about crime; would like to see crime levels brought down and a tough approach taken to policing; and do not want the woke brigade to remain in charge, please follow me in voting for Mark Shelford, your Conservative candidate, on 2nd May.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance:

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