The Midsomer Norton & Radstock Journal, 3rd October 2019

On Sunday, the Conservative Party Conference began in Manchester where I was honoured to deliver a speech to attendees. Like many people there, I have belonged to the Tories since I was young and was delighted to see such a strong turnout of members who are the heart of the Party.

It was in Manchester that Benjamin Disraeli captured the essence of Conservative principles in his 1872 speech at the Free Trade Hall when he set out our priorities for the constitution and the condition of the people, especially their health. He more than anyone knew that the Conservative Party is a grassroots party and understood the value of this.

During my address, I talked about how our country’s progress is being stymied by a collection of feeble, fickle, footling politicians all in pursuit of one aim: to renege on the solemn promise they made to the British people and try to cancel the largest single democratic mandate in our history.

On the left, there is Jeremy Corbyn, a self-avowed Marxist and the most left-wing leader the Labour Party has ever had. He is a man who has spent his career in the division lobbies with Brexiteer heroes Iain Duncan Smith, Bill Cash and John Redwood voting against the European Union, only now to campaign for the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union. This dithering U-turn is costing the British taxpayer £250 million every week and in spite of his repeated calls for a general election he refuses to have one because he knows he cannot win.

In the middle of the muddle is Jo Swinson, the newly-elected Liberal Democrat by name but not by nature. She is Liberal in accepting the yoke of Brussels but unfortunately, only democratic only in her own mind. It is the Lib-Dems who have taken an extreme position, wanting to cancel Brexit entirely without giving the people a say, which is fundamentally wrong.

On the right we have Nigel Farage – supported by the finest politician we have sent to Brussels: my sister. However, we must not delude ourselves into thinking that a vote for the Brexit Party does anything other than increase the risk of Brexit being cancelled entirely.

The answer is simple. We must trust the people and it is worth all those politicians who are interfering with democracy remembering that MPs are your servants. The people have spoken so it is our responsibility to carry out what the public has willed.

Disraeli set out the glorious balance of our constitution.  That balance has been disturbed, distorted and displaced. It is, therefore, our responsibility to restore that balance once more and this will be done in a general election through the good sense of our masters – the British people.

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