The Somerset Guardian, 3rd April 2019

On Wednesday, Parliament will debate a Private Members’ Bill introduced by Labour M.P., Yvette Cooper, in association with Sir Oliver Letwin, entitled E.U. (Withdrawal Bill) (No.5).


The proposed legislation would require the Prime Minister to request a further extension of her choosing from the European Union beyond 12th April 2019. If a delay of a different length were put forward by the E.U., M.P.s would have to vote again on this issue. 


In order to optimise the Bill’s passage Yvette Cooper will use time on Wednesday, which has been set aside for a third day of backbench business secured by Sir Oliver, to pass another business motion. If successful, her Bill will be debated the following day. 


In presenting this bill and trying to seize control of the Commons programme this is yet another attempt by Remain MPs to try to steal Brexit and undermine the will of 17.4 million people. Moreover, securing time to debate business motions as a ruse for passing a bill that frustrates the largest democratic exercise in this country’s history and denies the people of their rights could be viewed as an abuse of Parliamentary practice.


Yesterday, the second round of indicative votes failed with no other Brexit option gaining a majority. Desperation is oozing from Remain M.P.s who claim, under the guise of moral guardianship, to be scrutinising the Brexit process. The point is, they are deluded. These M.P.s have never accepted the referendum outcome and as a result, continue unashamedly in their attempts to thwart democracy and set Parliament against the people. Ultimately, it is their behaviour, not Brexit, that needs to be obstructed.

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