The Somerset Guardian, 7th October 2020

Recently, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Housing, Kelly Tolhurst, announced that the Government is giving a £6 million Domestic Abuse Capacity Building Fund to local authorities to help tackle domestic abuse.


This new funding will equip councils across England to commission additional, vital assistance for victims of domestic abuse and their children who might currently be turned away from refuges and other safe accommodation as a result of their needs not being met.


The Domestic Abuse Bill, currently before Parliament, includes a new duty for Tier One local authorities to assess need and provide support to victims and their children in England. Since 2014, the Government has spent £80 million on safe accommodation services and as of April 2021, thousands more people will be assisted when the obligation for councils to aid victims of domestic abuse comes into force. Ahead of the Act being implemented, the money will help councils plan for new accommodation and specialist services. Moreover, they will be encouraged to work closely with other agencies such as the police or health commissioners and also ensure their staff receive proper training.


The Government is committed to supporting all domestic abuse survivors and those in the midst of it. Domestic abuse is a truly devastating crime which has a long-term impact on victims, their children and wider society and is something that has, tragically, increased since lockdown was introduced. We must do everything in our power to address this problem and help those affected, which why the Minister’s statement is welcome news.

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