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The Somerset Guardian, 3rd August 2022

This week’s terrible news of a murder in Radstock has brought crime prevention to the forefront of residents’ minds. As our hearts go out to the victim’s family and friends so our hope that such tragedies can be prevented rises. The brave local constabulary has put more police on the streets for reassurance and national efforts to reduce crime continue.

Last week, the Home Secretary wrote to all Members of Parliament regarding the Safer Streets Fund. This fund, which is entering its fourth round, was a commitment in this Government’s 2019 general election manifesto designed to help reduce violent crime and the fear associated with it.

Since the Fund launched in 2020, the Government has invested £70 million through three rounds and an additional £5 million through the Safety of Women at Night Fund, supporting over 170 projects across high-crime areas. The fourth round of funding builds on three previous rounds as well as the Safety of Women at Night Fund, tackling neighbourhood crime, violence against women and girls (VAWG) and anti-social behaviour.

Interventions will include educational programmes to help raise awareness and change behaviour and attitudes, personal safety applications, guardianship projects and bystander programmes. Many funded projects will also improve situational crime prevention interventions, such as CCTV and streetlighting.

This round, which will run over the 2022/3 and 2023/4 tax years, was open to Police and Crime Commissioners and local authorities in England and Wales, the British Transport Police and eligible civil society organisations, together with successful projects targeting residential, commercial and more disparate rural areas across England and Wales. Locally Bath City Centre will benefit from over £325,000, which will be primarily focused upon dealing with violence against women and girls, neighbourhood crime and anti-social behaviour.

This will not be any comfort to those affected by the recent murder which, in a usually safe area, is particularly shocking but the work to make communities safer must continue.

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