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The Somerset Guardian, 15th February 2023

One of the most interesting parts of being a Member of Parliament is visiting the wide range of activities that go on within a Parliamentary constituency. It is remarkable how many job creating, taxpaying businesses there are in North East Somerset carrying out roles that are essential to the success of our economy.

Last week I visited Littleton Steel. It is on the edge of the constituency between Chew Magna and Winford, a few yards further along the road and it would be in Liam Fox’s patch. It is a fascinating business that fabricates steel for a wide range of projects primarily in the Southwest but also into the Midlands.

As with many local businesses, it is involved with Hinckley Point which is an indication of its quality. Obviously, steel that is going into a nuclear power plant has to be of the highest standard. It provides both structural and architectural steel products.

One of the things I learned was the degree of technological sophistication. Although manufacturing and using metal in building work is not new, the IT is phenomenal. I was shown a computer image of one of the company’s projects that is able to highlight the dimensions of every individual bolt used to put together hundreds of tons of steel. The logistics are as important as the fabrication.

The work is highly skilled and I was privileged to see a demonstration of some welding work. It is a competitive market but one that is essential to the success of the economy. Tendering for contracts is a major part of the business and the Procurement Bill, that is currently before Parliament, ought to simplify the process.

Many people will drive past the Winford Business Park without thinking about the businesses there. Yet the prosperity and success of the economy and public services depends upon them.

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