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The Somerset Guardian, 23rd August 2023

This week’s figures on the deficit are encouraging. The figure for the first quarter of 2023/4 is 20 per cent better than the really rather useless Office for Budget Responsibility forecast of over £11 billion. This will help to bring inflation down as control of the public finances is part of the necessary response.

The Conservatives are listening to the people and have heard the message of the Uxbridge by election. People do not want an unaffordable wish list of pious promises but practical policies that improve the standard of living. That is why in the next year, the Government promises to halve inflation; grow the economy; reduce national debt; cut NHS waiting lists and try to put an end to the situation with people risking their lives crossing the Channel.

Halving inflation this year will ease the cost of living and give people financial security. The economy will grow by creating better-paid jobs and opportunities and the thirty free hours being offered to some parents of nine month-old babies will only enhance this as well as opening new, high performing schools across the country.

The reduction of debt will secure the future of public services and cutting waiting lists means that people will get the care they need more quickly. Those who come here illegally will be detained and removed but this will take also more effort on the European Union's side who need to stop making this a political issue and make it a human one instead.

Delivering these five promises will give people peace of mind and provide the foundation for our plans to build a better future for the country.


Labour has offered no alternatives except for its metro mayors, via the revenue making ULEZ schemes, implementing overnight, radical policy thereby penalising people going to work and stopping those who are vulnerable accessing services. This war on the motorist is part of a self-harming green agenda that other countries are not following and where our efforts will make no difference. There will no benefit to the climate by making the British cold and poor when the rest of the world is prioritising economic growth.

There is a limited amount of time to apply for free childcare so please visit: as soon as possible.

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