The Somerset Guardian, 30th October 2019

On Monday, the Prime Minister asked Members of Parliament to vote on an early General Election. Boris Johnson proposed that the United Kingdom (UK) should go to the polls on 12th December to free it from Parliamentary 'paralysis', which would enable a Conservative government to deliver Brexit at last.  Finally, on Tuesday the Commons agreed to such an election.

Holding a General Election is the only way forward now. Since the referendum in 2016, Parliament has been deadlocked over the issue of our exit from the European Union (EU), largely owing to remain MPs ignoring the result and doing their utmost to block its progress, some even campaigning for a second referendum or the reversal of Article 50 in spite of voting to trigger it in the first place.

With obstacles placed in front of it at every turn, the Government has been unable to make any progress to fulfil its promise to the electorate even though Boris achieved the allegedly unachievable by securing a deal with EU leaders in time for the 31st October deadline. This could have been met if it were not for the will of Parliament superseding the will of the electorate.

This Parliament has failed the people. It has been one of the most lamentable in history with countless MPs demonstrating a flagrant disregard towards those whom they are supposed to serve.  As a result, trust in democracy is at an all time low but it can be restored.

Only a government truly committed to delivering Brexit is the answer. The Conservative Party is the only party that has demonstrated consistent commitment, which is why it essential to re-elect the Tories so we can leave the EU as soon as possible with the excellent deal negotiated by Boris Johnson. Then we can tackle the pressing domestic issues.

It is time, once again, for the people to decide. I am proud to ’Trust the People’.

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