The Somerset Guardian, 4th September 2019

At the weekend I attended the Double Hills commemoration in Paulton which, as ever, was well-attended by families of the fallen as well as nine Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers and the Army Air Corps who are present every year.

For those readers who do not know about Double Hills it is the annual memorial to remember the twenty-three men who lost their lives when Glider RJ113 crashed into Double Hills meadow on the morning of 17th September 1944. The men who died were the first casualties of the Battle for the Arnhem ‘Bridge Too Far’ Operation Market Garden, the plan to land an Allied Airborne Army behind German lines. This sought to end the war in 1944 and bring the soldiers home.

The Memorial was built by the Royal Monmouth Regiment Sappers and was established in 1979. The organiser of this memorial has been Mr. Peter Yeates who served in the Royal Navy. Mr. Yeates has been made an Honorary Member of the Airborne Engineers Association and in recognition of the work that he has done over the years, particularly for getting a permanent memorial in place, he was awarded the Institute of Royal Engineers Fowke Silver Medal by Arnhem Hero General "Shan" Hackett and General Shapland RE in 1984.

Mr. Yeates’ drive, dedication and determination over so many years has ensured that the memory of these soldiers lives on and that there is a place for families and friends to visit to remember them, their bravery and the sacrifices that they made to defend our country and liberty.

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