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The Somerset Guardian, 30th August 2023

Defective European Union (EU) rules are holding back housebuilding and overriding local communities in this country.

The regulations that were previously imposed by unelected European judges led to the eco-zealots at Natural England enthusiastically issuing guidance to sixty-two local authority areas, including Somerset, mandating that new developments must be ‘nutrient neutral’. These rules are particularly burdensome for small local builders and have put many out of business. This is why I wanted to get rid of them when I was Minister for Brexit Opportunities.

Concerns have been raised by environmental campaigners and council leaders across the political spectrum that these rules are clearly not working in the British interest. The Government has, therefore, belatedly responded and in reforming EU ‘nutrient neutrality’ laws, it will enable over 100,000 new homes to be built by 2030, boost the economy by up to £18 billion and support 50,000 jobs. Amendments will be debated in the Lords after Summer Recess.

The existing planning decisions are subjugating the desires of local communities here. The Home Builders Federation estimate 145,000 homes have already been affected by these rules with families prevented from making extensions to their homes, new brownfield high street regeneration being halted and the building of new care homes and hotels being blocked.

Even after Brexit and paying high penalties, the EU continues to try to tell us what to do. We must continue to stamp our authority in order to regain full sovereignty.

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