The Somerset Guardian, 29th January 2020

In Parliament, the thunderstorm has been blown away, calm has been restored and the serious job of legislating has recommenced. In both Houses, scrutiny and debate have returned to the fore. The electorate, the British people, the most patient and forbearing in the world, will finally have their decisiveness rewarded and thanks to the General Election result, we will have got Brexit done.

This comprehensive Conservative majority has allowed the Prime Minister’s deal with the European Union finally to pass all stages in Parliament and become law. With the deal done and the agreement in place, the United Kingdom (UK) will leave the European Union (EU) in five days’ time. With independence restored, the Government will focus on unleashing the potential of this country.

It will be a Government acutely attuned to the will of the people. We will be free to chart our own course and reclaim mastery of our policy decisions, from agriculture to trade, foreign policy to fisheries, employment law to immigration, technology to policing. We are investing in the future of talented workers with our ambitious plans for a dynamic, outward-looking economy. Outside the EU, our trade policies will be forged with the best interests of UK businesses in mind.

It is a new chapter in Parliament and a new chapter for the country. In July, the Prime Minister memorably encapsulated his pitch with the late 19th Century Americanism ‘dude.’ He promised to deliver Brexit, unite our nation, defeat Jeremy Corbyn and energise the country.

Corbyn is defeated. Brexit is on the cusp of being delivered. The stage is set for the nation to come back together. Energy exudes from every pore of this Government. It will not just be a year, but a decade of renewal.

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