The Somerset Guardian, 6th May 2020

As we begin week six of lockdown the Government continues to refine plans to prepare the country for post-Covid 19 and soon the Prime Minister will announce how these will unfold.

With the peak of Coronavirus now over the Government is in a far better position to assess how the country can move forward. Any easing of lockdown restrictions will be staggered and importantly, there will be periodic reviews of the statistics as the public take their first steps back to normality.

At every stage the advice of scientists and medics will be considered. After all the sacrifices made by the British people it would be wrong to risk a second peak. This is why the five tests were set and they remain the model that will be used.

In the House of Commons the hybrid system is working well and next week remote voting will be possible which allows the Government’s legislative programme to proceed. However, the cut and thrust of debate has been lost which is an essential element of the democratic process. It is part of the defence mechanism for our liberties.

These liberties need to be restored and the economy must be galvanised but this cannot be at the expense of our health or the NHS. This is why any measures taken over the next crucial weeks will be moderate, carefully considered and with public safety at the heart of any decision-making.

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