The Farrington Gurney Parish Journal, Summer 2020

As the weather improves and the lockdown restrictions are gradually relaxed it is tempting to try to return to our pre-Covid normal.  Instead, we must continue working together, taking care not to reverse all the hard work and sacrifice made by the majority, socially distancing in order to protect family, friends and all those around us to keep the rate of infection (‘R’) low. 
Bath and North East Somerset Council has set up a section of their website providing guidance during the current pandemic: The website provides information on a range of topics including support and advice for businesses, help for carers and parents, more general advice for residents (including financial) and links to assistance in scenarios including where businesses do not appear to be applying correct social distancing measures to protect staff and customers. 
If you have a business or are self-employed and have not already looked at the website for advice and details of the assistance that is being provided during Covid-19, I would encourage you to do so:

Please do not hesitate to contact me: