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The Somerset Guardian, 24th August 2022

On 13th August, I had the great honour of opening Clutton Flower Show in Rudge’s Field. It is something that my family has been involved with since it started over eighty years ago when my grandfather lived nearby and is one of the highlights of the summer season in Somerset.
The Clutton Flower Show never disappoints and this time was no exception. Every year, there is a magnificent array of blooms and vegetables, locals come to showcase their jams, chutneys and bakes whilst others bring their vintage cars, tractors and motorbikes along for enthusiasts to admire. This time, residents were also invited to become judges, voting for Clutton's best kept allotment and the prize was announced at the show.

As usual, there were a number of attractions put on for adults and children alike such as magic shows, rides and games - not forgetting the all-important sweet and candyfloss stalls. I was particularly impressed by the strong-man competition where those who could lift a huge stone to their shoulders were rewarded with a flagon of cider. This year, owing to the heat wave, there were no horses or dogs present for the usual animal events that are staged but the ferrets were able to attend as they were transported in an air-conditioned van.

My youngest three children accompanied me to the show and even though they melted like everyone else they had the most wonderful time.  It is always a pleasure to be in the presence of such community spirit and help continue a Somerset legacy that brings people together in the most gentle and joyful of ways.

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