The Somerset Guardian, 6th March 2019

In the final few weeks before the 29th March the last gasp effort of Remainers to block Brexit proceeds apace. 


Next week will see this come to a head as there will be a series of Parliamentary votes to determine the future of Brexit. First, there will be another vote on Mrs. May’s deal. In its current form this is unlikely to pass because of the backstop which could leave us as a vassal state indefinitely. Assuming this fails, then the second event would be a vote to stop a No Deal Brexit.


In 2017, 494 Members of Parliament voted for the law that led to the 29th March being the departure date, regardless of a deal. Cabinet Ministers who are now abandoning collective responsibility voted for it, the Labour leadership voted for it, even Yvette Cooper voted for it. Yet these same people now pretend that such an outcome is an unimaginable horror. 


This leaves the third vote on the issue of seeking an extension to our membership of the EU. However, key questions are left unanswered because the extreme Remainers do not just want an extension, they want to completely undermine the referendum result and for the UK to remain a member state. 


Fortunately, the Prime Minister could simply refuse to ask for an extension or move the Statutory Instrument that is needed to change the date. Eurosceptics must similarly be guided by the electorate. It is our duty and obligation to those who trusted that the vote in 2016 would be implemented. This makes it necessary to vote against the current deal as well as efforts to move the date beyond the 29th March. The people have spoken; the case ought to be concluded.

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