The Somerset Guardian, 6th January 2021

The start of the year often brings feelings of hope to many.  With 2020 having been dominated by the pandemic people were optimistic that with the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccinations the prospects for 2021 would appear different. Instead, the Prime Minister has just announced another national lockdown in the face of surging Coronavirus cases. 
The Prime Minister was correct to have imposed these tight restrictions once again.  Unprecedented transmission rates stemming from the mutated version of the virus are placing an untenable burden upon the NHS only rivalled by last April. The statistics are not, currently, in our favour and if we do not act now the outcome could prove catastrophic.

The Government has done its utmost to protect people’s liberties and keep schools open. It understands the difficulties that people have faced with home-schooling whilst undertaking their own work, the loneliness felt by many who live alone or have to shield and the disruption to plans made. It is also acutely aware of the economic impact that the pandemic has made on many households and businesses, which is why the Chancellor has announced that those in the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors will receive up to £9,000 in one-off grants, part of £4.6 billion of total expenditure. The package also features a £594m discretionary fund for other companies that may be affected.

This last push, in tandem with the vaccine rollout, will save lives and help the NHS.  Now is the time to adhere to the rules and the sooner that we have control over this virus the sooner we will be able to resume some kind of normality.

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