The Somerset Guardian, 16th January 2019

On Tuesday evening, the Government lost an historic vote on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal. In spite of promoting the Withdrawal Agreement for months to Parliament including a last-minute dash around the country, the Prime Minister failed to sell it to MPs or the nation.

The reasons behind its failure have been widely documented with the deal having been resolutely condemned by both leavers and remainers as well as several former Ministers who disowned it and resigned. On the eve of the vote Government Whip, Gareth Johnson, stood down citing that he could not support the Premier’s proposals. It is now official that remaining a vassal state is opposed by Parliament as well as the electorate.

The majority of the electorate voted to leave the European Union and a watered-down version of this promise has not worked. They realised that under the agreement we would have continued to come under the European Court, have rules set by Brussels, divided up the UK and paid £39 billion for the privilege.

Mrs. May must now return to Brussels to negotiate more forcefully with Jean-Claude Junker and his EU deputies and now they know that Parliament will not support so one sided a deal.

If a full, clean Brexit were not delivered within the agreed timeframe it would undermine the will of the British people and the processes that have been the democratic backbone of our country and constitution. Should the EU fail to take heed the only option left on the table is a World Trade Organisation Brexit.  If this happens, the EU would only have itself to blame for over playing its hand.

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