The Somerset Guardian, 28th August 2019

Last week, the forty-fifth G7 summit was held in Biarritz. This was the first summit attended by our new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

The Prime Minister’s performance in Biarritz was confident as he continued his ‘can do’ attitude when engaging with journalists and politicians. He rightly expressed that in the event of a no deal with the European Union (EU) the United Kingdom (UK) would not be forking out £39 billion for the divorce bill nor would this eventuality be our fault.

Whilst it would have seemed natural that Brexit would take centre stage at the summit, Boris successfully navigated it to discuss other key policy areas such as Iran and the China–United States (US) trade wars, an acknowledgement that even though the UK will leave the EU on 31st October it still remains a close ally of continental Europe and will continue to work alongside these nations to deliver stable foreign policy that promotes growth and consolidates relations.

At the summit, it was clear that President Trump was delighted by Boris’ appointment and went on record saying that he had they had spent two enjoyable days together and furthermore, that he had been waiting for Boris to become Prime Minister for six years.

The relationship between the UK and the US should never be underestimated. Whilst we have shared a ‘special relationship’ with the US for many years it does have similar bonds with many other countries so the positive, mutual respect demonstrated between the Prime Minister and President Trump only inspires confidence and will give the UK the bolster it needs as it exits the EU, deal or no deal.

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