Vote to Support Deserving Local Charity

Over the years I have been writing this column I have often been able to write about excellent local charities. This has been a way of drawing attention to how much good work goes on that is often unsung but it is only of tangential benefit to the charities themselves. On this occasion there is a cost free way for all of us to help an organisation that benefits young people in North East Somerset and, as it happens, in Bath.

Mentoring Plus Ltd aids vulnerable young people by connecting them with a mentor who can listen to them and understand their needs. Those who benefit from the service are self-selecting and have decided that they need some assistance to overcome a difficulty in their lives. The mentor may help them to build self-esteem, improve social skills or just offer hope at a problematic point in life.
It is competing for an allocation of £40,000 from ‘The People’s Projects’. This is an opportunity to determine where lottery funding goes and allows for the community to vote to support a good cause. It is run by the National Lottery in conjunction with ITV Regions. We are in West Country East which I assume covers the old HTV area.

To support Mentoring Plus Ltd all people need to do is visit the website,uk, enter their postcode which directs them to the right area and then click on Young People Doing Good followed by select this project. There is a video which gives more information on the charity’s activities. Please do give the short time it will take to do this as it is a noble cause that will spend the money well on children who deserve a second chance.

Promoted by Margaret Brewer on behalf of Jacob Rees-Mogg, both of Rear of 16 High Street, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 1DQ.